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“It is like a ladder in the midst of our home whereby we may ascend and descend”Zohar

Welcome to the Kabbalah Community – a London-based branch of the Kabbalah Society. It is a network of individuals and groups, with worldwide links, following the teachings of the Toledano Tradition reformulated by Z’EV BEN SHIMON HALEVI – WARREN KENTON (1933-2020) for our era.

Kabbalah, meaning ‘to receive,’ is about life – its Source and its Divine purpose.  At its heart is Jacob’s Ladder, the extended form of the Tree of Life. It illustrates the perennial principles within the four worlds of existence – physical, psychological, spiritual, and divine.

While essentially an oral tradition, the metaphysics of the Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder provide an effective working method that offers us clarity and perspective in our lives.

Our task is to become ‘self’ conscious and pass on the teachings of the Tradition, and to make it real, each in our own way.