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Please Read Carefully

Enrolment Cancellation

Please note, the Path of Integration reserve the right to cancel a Seminar if it attracts an insufficient number of participants. In this unusual event, the Path of Integration will refund your fee in full. Refunds cannot be paid to participant cancellations.

Your Operating System and Browser

The Path of Integration uses Zoom Webinar software to host webinars. Before you enroll for the first time check the System Requirements for Zoom, on the Zoom website

to make sure your system will work with Zoom. The Path of Integration will not refund fees to participants who cannot join a Webinar because their system is not supported by Zoom. Please note: You do not need a webcam or mic to attend the Online Seminars.

Joining an Online Seminar

Once you have enrolled for an Online Seminar, you will be sent an automatic confirmation of your order. You will receive the Zoom link to join the Online Seminar in the Welcome Letter sent to you by the Path of Integration three days before the Seminar (or later if you book the day of the Seminar) with instructions about joining the Seminar, some additional information about the Zoom environment, and other relevant information for the topic on the day. Check your spam folder if you do not receive this email by the day of the Seminar. The joining instructions sent in the Welcome Letter can also be downloaded from the Path of Integration’s relevant Seminar page under ‘My Content’ after you log in using your password.

Sound Quality

The Path of Integration will do its best to ensure the sound quality of the Online Seminar is consistently excellent, however, this is partly dependent on the quality of your computer’s equipment (sound card, microphone, and speakers) and the quality of your broadband connection.

Video & Audio Recordings* – Session 1 & Session 2 (Q&A)

Participants will be informed prior to commencement of all Online Seminars if video recordings will be available. Should this be the case, Session 1 of the Seminar will be made available to all participants attending – streamed for 30 days on the website after the material has been uploaded. The Path of Integration cannot be held responsible for the quality of these recordings (see Sound Quality above).

NB Participants need to be aware that in the future, the Path of Integration may offer the Audio recording of the Online Seminar (Session 1 only) for sale to a wider audience.

(*Audio recordings of online group meetings will be made available to all members via the Members’ Area page. Due to confidentiality, the observation sections of the meditations will not be shared outside the Online Zoom platform for non-attendees. These recordings will not be made available for sale to a wider audience. Monday meditations will only be available in the members’ Media Gallery  with the permission of the person taking the session.)

Video Recordings for Non-Attendees at Live Seminars – Session 1 & Session 2 (Q&A)

Session 1:  To be made available to the participants unable to attend the online Seminar, which will be streamed on the website for 30 days after the Seminar material has been uploaded.

Session 2 (Q&A):  Due to confidentiality, the Q&A session of the Seminar will not be shared outside the Online Zoom platform for non-attendees.

Uploaded Material

All participants will be notified by email when the seminar material has been uploaded to view online after the event.

Level of Study

Many of the Seminars are suitable for companions who understand the basic components of the Tradition, although the seminars are open to both members and non-members of the Toledano Tradition. The criterion for each Seminar is that you come with an open mind. Ours is not a way of belief but one of understanding through experience, the mystic’s path. It is the hallmark of the school to keep the teaching clear; it must make sense to everyone. Further information can be accessed on the relevant webpage for each Seminar.  

Right to Cease Teaching

In the unlikely event that the tutor considers it to be in the best interest of a participant, the Seminar participants, or the school, to cease to continue to provide the teaching to a participant, that participant may be asked to leave the Seminar.

Seminar Content

The Seminar tutor is at liberty to use such material to illustrate the principles of the Toledano Tradition as is deemed appropriate by that tutor. This can include (for instance) notable or notorious people of history as well as historic events steeped in debate, controversy, or revision. Use of such material is not to be deemed as necessarily countenancing the moral values, practices, identifications, prejudices, attitudes, lack of inclusivity or deeds of the past or present, or of any culture.

The tutor is also at liberty to employ technical terms and pronouns that are in general and accepted usage within the Tradition or system practised by the tutor. These clarifications are made in full cognisance of contemporary race, gender, cultural and age sensitivities. This will be reflected in the selection, presentation, and tone of Seminar material. If the right of the tutor to select relevant material as detailed above is not respected, a participant may be required to leave a Seminar to avoid the disruption of the learning experience for other participants. If this happens, the participants in question will not be eligible for a refund of the fees for that Seminar.


After each Seminar, we will contact you and ask you to take a few moments to offer your observations and thoughts about the Seminar and any experiences you may wish to share. This will help us to continue to improve our material with a view to ensuring that your experience with us is as fruitful and enjoyable as possible. Please return your comments by email, which will be held in strictest confidence, to Thank you.

Path of Integration Copyright – All Rights Reserved

All Path of Integration copyright material is made available to you on the understanding that it is for your own personal learning purposes only. You may install the material on your hard drive, and you may print it out for your own use, but you may not reproduce, or republish, or pass on the material or any part of it to anybody else without first receiving written permission from the Path of Integration at